Sunday, March 14, 2010

Maternity Portrait {My Life}

I was in need of getting some belly shots for this pregnancy & waited until the almost last possible moment.

Yes it's huge, okay, beyond huge... yes there's only one... yes I'm ready...yes, yes, yes...

A month ago, he was on track to be a 9+ pounder & I'm pretty sure he won't disappoint...there's also lots of extra fluid. So not only am I packing around a 'toddler' who probably won't be coming out potty trained, I get to lug around this extended size swimming pool.

What could be more comfortable than that?!? Oh, did I mention that not even maternity clothes fully cover the belly? That makes it incredibly comfortable to go out in public...thankfully, there's only 36 hours left!

I have a wonderfully terriffic hubby who not only helped me out with this task, because I couldn't manage to get some self portraits, but he also got a few snaps in on Thursday evening to help capture my hot new do.

Me & My Girls (a rare photo for sure...mental note to self-get in more pics with the kids/hubby)

I hadn't had an official hair style change since Anna was born (which was 3 years ago) so it was time for a little change. She took about 5 inches off & it's mostly in a single layer. I love it, hubby loves it, which is the whole point of getting cute right?!?!

Off to relax a bit tonight, as the anxious, nervous, excited emotions all kick in & we get ready for our last 36 hours as a family of four!


Stacey J. said...

Good luck over the next few days! They can seem like an eternity!!! Love the hair!

Amanda said...

Thank you. Thank you.