Monday, March 16, 2009

~1st Hair Cut~

This past Saturday we went on a family outing, mostly so I could get out of the house for a bit, but we also needed groceries. In an attempt to make Anna feel as special as we think she is, and give her some special attention of her own, we took her to the mall and got her 1st hair cut. While we were there she also got to pick out some earrings of her own.

She looks terrified, but really was about to fall asleep. And she did at one point during the little session.

She's so proud of her new hair cut, although you can hardly tell she got any off (about 1 ").

It was shortly after this that she fell asleep with the gals hand under her chin. Must have been just enough of a resting spot.


Koppi Write said...

Too precious! Falling asleep during a haricut.. such a sweet thought.

CMR photography said...
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