Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some Practice Shots

I've been a bad blogger this past week or so and haven't posted anything new. Even better than that, I haven't hardly picked up my camera, and when I did, it took me until now to get the photos offloaded! And only because I needed to clear some space so I could use the camera today for the lil' miss' 2nd birthday party (those will post tomorrow).

Here are a few from last week. I was trying a few new things and just hanging out with my little girl. The weather was actually nice enough to go out and play for a little bit without freezing our buns off.

Trying to capture her attention before she ran the other actually worked.

Trying a little sunflare...wish she would have looked at me for that one, but nope...too busy digging in the dirt with the BBQ tongs. Then there's the "ooooohhhh" don't interupt me while I'm digging in the dirt with the tractors face.

And the aforementioned tractor...this was actually my husbands when he was a lil' fella. An actual die cast Tonka, we pretty much have the whole construction crew covered.



And one I didn't actually take, but an updated photo of our Lil' Baby girl, who will actually be arriving this week. If not sometime before, it will be Thursday and we'll have many photos to post after that.

She's actually sucking on her fingers in this shot. At 37 weeks 6 days, they are guesstimating her to be between 9 & 10.5 pounds when she arrives in this big wide world.

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Liz said...

Can't wait to see pics of the baby! Love the flare too!