Tuesday, May 20, 2008

366-15 new photos

WOW!!! 15 new photos to add...granted they're not all taken in one day, I just haven't had much time lately to put them together and post. So...

1-Rose-a photograph from my grandmas wedding May 17th, 08. I was going for something different than the normal ring shot.

2-Ice Cream- taken to put in the ABC book (which I haven't worked on in a while either, but I did buy apples this week, just for that purpose)

3-Sunglasses- a day at the park and the princess needed her glasses.

4-Fruity- you can't get more fruity than citrus zest. Yummy!

5-Green- green everywhere...the grass, Miss Princess' shirt...

6-Perfect- there's nothing more perfectly peaceful than a sleeping child, it's not often I get to snap a photo of that, especially when she's snuggly with her bunny and no binki in her mouth!

7-Reminder- of spring...daffodils are what remind me of spring the most, a season that comes and gos quickly around here.

8-Rain- after a night of rain, I wanted to try to capture the droplet on a blade of grass, this was done around 7am.

9-Family-my family. My wonderful & loving husband, and our precious little Daddy's Girl!

10-Make-up-a la 15 month old application....a washable marker makes great lipstick!!!

11-Hat- an empty bowl, sticky with cheese makes a great hat. Every one should take fashion advise from a child.

12-Summer- not quite summer here yet, but the temps this past week were great for getting out and splashing around in the baby pool, bikini, piggie tails and all.

13-Tradition-Mommy's baking oatmeal, raisin/trail mix cookies, and Anna's already learned how to lick the spatula (thanks to Daddy)

14-Self-Portrait-I was bored one day and thought I'd give it a try (again). I still need to get a trigger/remote it would make focusing much easier, and probably work better!

15-Handmade- Anna's shirt to wear to her first rodeo, compliments of Mommy. Of course it had to match her adorable John Deere Boots!!!

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